2021 – “AWAKENING”

I started to write this article several times in the last couple of weeks and nothing seemed to work for the sheer magnitude of 2020!  If I had to come up with one overall thought or feeling about 2020, I would have to say “Awakening!”.  Many have associated the numeric form of 2020 as it relates to “vision”, as in the measure of human perfect vision, 20-20. I agree that it definitely slammed us all with seeing something we have never thought of as possible in our lifetimes.  I don’t just mean the Pandemic.  There were so many bizarre events that seemed as if we were all at a movie theater watching the latest action adventure film about aliens attacking Earth!

The first thoughts being said and repeated about 2020 is “good-bye and good riddance” and that certainly is true, but as any event in our lives, how we react is a choice.  While it seems as if 2020 was just all terrible and truly was for all the families who lost loved ones from the virus, we can however take a different perspective of how and what to view all that happened in 2020.

While I do not mean to make light of all that was terrible during this historic year, I do feel that we all have gained some important life lessons.  The most obvious is that we all were forced to stay home most of the year.  This did indeed present a great deal of issues that we needed to learn how to handle:

  • We were given the ability to be with each other as a family like no other time since before the 1960’s!
  • We had to attend and help our children with school work by actively participating. This gave us a new look at how amazing and valuable our teachers are!
  • We had to make our meals most of the time and have meals together, in the home, as a family.
  • We participated in our election process more than ever before in our U.S. history, in spite of having to do so during a global pandemic!
  • Many of us worked from home, which reduced the amount of cars on our highways to the point of bringing air pollution to all time lows, saved money on the cost of gasoline and wear and tear of our cars, less accidents on the roads, and so many related issues lowered or decreased.
  • For the first time, the whole world had scientists working on solutions for treatments and vaccines to stop the Covid-19 virus that a vaccine was created in record breaking time, using shared scientific data and new techniques that were faster and more productive.
  • Perhaps, one of the most important positives was we learned how incredibly important our physical, social interaction is to our lives! Having to spend a year apart from each other, not going out to restaurants, movies, entertainment venues, concerts, family gatherings, reunions and on and on the list of all the social interactions we normally take for granted have become so incredibly precious to us.  We are literally hanging on by threads, waiting to be able to go anywhere and get together as we used to, before March of 2020!
  • We actually have learned how to greatly reduce the spread of all of our viral infections.  Wearing masks and staying home when sick, to prevent spreading to others has become “normal” and even after the pandemic is a memory, we have a new found lifestyle awareness that we can always just STAY HOME when we are sick and not go to work or school and spread it to everyone else!  Or we can wear a mask when we are ill and others will simply know we are thinking of others and preventing spreading our illness.  What a great positive result from this pandemic for the future!

I’m sure I can go on…but what I am saying is yes, we have endured an historically awful year in 2020, but as with all of life’s issues we face, when we LEARN from the experience, we are better off in the end.  I choose to look for how many things I have learned during 2020 to both prevent similar occurrences in the future and to appreciate each day we get to live on this wonderful Earth.

Thank you ALL from the bottom or our hearts, for continuing to support David’s Music House and all we do.  Your commitment to education of music and DMH has enabled us to make it through this year and we look forward to the future, post-vaccine time, when we can gather once again in the Big Living Room at ‘da House!

As Always…Peace and Love,

David and Anita

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