2020 – “The Other Pandemic”

I was certain that 2020 would be marked as a monumental year in our lives.  Little did we know that a pandemic plague was soon to affect all of the world and put every human life in a common pause of how we all normally live.  It has also become an event that no one will ever forget, for generations to come.  The Covid-19 pandemic is an event that has come in a time when a second plague “the other pandemic” has become greatly exposed around the world ….. the “Plague of HATE.”

I was made aware of this plague of hate at a very early age. One of my earliest childhood memories was when I was around the age of six or seven.  I was at a family gathering and I vividly remember hearing an adult say the “N word”.   I recall that event as being as emotionally horrific as the time when my leg once caught on fire.  It was that shocking to me!  I have no memory of anyone saying that word before or of anyone telling me it was a bad word.  However, I had an immediate reaction to hearing it, snapped my head toward the adult who said it and blurted out, “that’s a bad word and you shouldn’t say it”!  I turned my head back to my toys and was now aware that I am now in danger of being punished for speaking that way to an adult. What actually took place was an immediate silence that came over the entire room.  Nothing was ever mentioned to me about it. Most likely, everyone knew it was wrong to say. I grew up hearing this word and general racist opinions all of my life and every time I heard such thoughts, I felt sick inside and bewildered as to why people felt this way!

This year, the virus plague has put humans in a global pause from our everyday activities to witnessing the hate and evil that has been on the rise for a long time.  One change of the “hate plague” is that over the last few years, instead of hiding in the shadows, it has boldly come out into the light of day.  So, as we sit in quarantine, we have been put in a state of awareness as witnesses to how much and how terrible hate is and what it is blatantly destroying in front of our eyes.

I believe 2020 will be remembered for when humankind discovered a “vaccine” for both the Covid plague and the “Hate plague.”  But I continue to hope, pray and TRUST that 2021 will display the change and movement of all of us who used to be quiet and allow these plagues to take over our lives, to stop them quickly and establish measures in our governments, communications and our minds and hearts so that going forward, we are prepared to contain them and immunize ourselves. In our current time of instant communication and advanced technology, there is no reason to ever allow such a pandemic to grip our planet. As for the Hate plague…it will be a much longer and difficult task to prevent…but we are at a good beginning.

Thank you to all of our wonderful DMH Student families and Community for supporting us over our nearly 10 years. We stand by our commitment to our Mission to foster a learning environment of teaching Kindness, Confidence, Helping others with Humility…through the Power of Music.

Love you ALL…Peace…


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