2020 Reflection and New Beginnings

david on stage

Every year I try to reflect on what I’ve experienced and learned in the past, the blessings I received and look at the new year as new beginnings, hope and dreams fulfilled. I have learned that the past, although it has its ups and downs, the only things important are the lessons learned, for actions and behavior in the future. The past no longer exists, and the only things worth holding onto are the good memories that are actually gifts or blessings. You’ve got to let go of anything negative, mistakes made, hurts and guilt. These have no value for today and the future.

I have been incredibly blessed all throughout my life and I am so thankful every day doing what I know I was created to do. It is very true that age brings wisdom, but more importantly, it brings happiness. Happiness comes from how we react to life. If we spend our days allowing anger, fear, worry and hate into our spirit, then we chose to be and live as such. I choose to spend my time being thankful, helpful, creative, and to make sure I do not waste another day of life given to me.

I have so many things to do yet. Retirement does not exist, nor do I ever want it. I look forward to 2020 and what new beginnings are in store for David’s Music House, those who join our DMH Family this year and beyond. My mission is to do all I can to increase what DMH does for the community and neighborhoods and to provide a better future for our students by teaching skills of confidence, communication, boldness, self worth, care and kindness toward others and humility.

As always, thank each of you who chose DMH and join our family and spread the word of what we do.

Here’s to a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

Cheers….Peace and Love,



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