2016 Resolution: Music = Love = Laughter = Living Longer

david on stageWant to live longer? Do these 3 things: Love, Laugh, Listen to and play Music. Yeah, we all know to eat healthier foods and exercise to be healthy and live longer and of course this is true, but I add, just as importantly, Love, Laughter & Music. These build our emotional betterment, which in turn strengthens our physical health. I strongly feel that without Love, Laughter & Music, we can eat properly and exercise until we are all super bodybuilders and fitness models….in appearance…but what’s going on inside the heart and soul?

Most of us choose a religion or spiritual path that promises to lead to some eternal existence that goes on beyond the physical world. This yearning to hope that there is something more to our existence than the physical time we live here on Earth, gives us a reason for being. This is fed by FAITH…Faith that we will not cease when our physical body stops breathing and living. We want to do things to help our children and our future generations live happier, longer lives so we have Faith that we will be able to do so, somehow, after we are gone from our physical world. Some say that how we lived our lives, sets examples and teachings to our children, that will be handed down to future generations, but to believe in some form of afterlife, or heaven…lends to believing that we will be there to help our future families as their angels. I know that I feel certain, although I can not prove it to anyone, that my Dad has helped, guided and directed my life from the moment of his death. Sure, I can say that his DNA is within me and his actions during his lifetime were examples of how to be and these all are the reasons for my guidance in my life…but where does that leave my possibility of helping my family after my passing? I can also say that the same DNA and examples of my father were guiding me before he passed…so why did my life do a 180 degree change after he died? Was that all just due to my growing older? I choose to believe there’s more to all of this.

Scientific research and theory is based on physical facts and evidence. The way I look at spiritual belief, afterlife and the existence of God is based on common sense logic and the concept, “Why Not?” If we were to go back in time and tell someone that “Where I came from, we can all talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world by talking into a thing I can hold in the palm of my hand”, they would ask, “Why should I believe that when you can’t show it to me?” The fact that we can not show and prove the existence of Heaven or Angels does not mean they don’t exist. It is just as easy to discount something because we can’t prove it as it is to believe in something because we believe it exists!

We have the choice to believe or not believe in God and Heaven. I will choose to BELIEVE because it makes my heart and soul feel GOOD to know that I will be there to continue guiding and helping my children and my children’s children…long after I leave this world.

The New Year is a time when we think about doing something better or finally, such as lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more and on and on… We can do this on any particular day of the year, but the First day of the year seems like a better choice to do something new…like ah…saying “I’ll start exercising on Monday”…which gives us the rest of the weekend to NOT start yet! We all usually want to make so many improvements that we state we’ll work on too many of them. I will choose to do 2 things better in 2016.

Turn Off Negative Thoughts  (I’ve have started this already. It’s an extremely difficult thing to do….stop doing something you’ve been doing all of your life.)

STOP Watching the NEWS! (This is actually related to the first resolution because it is part of stopping negativity. Want to know what happened in the world overnight while you were sleeping? I can find that out on my phone or any computer….on my OWN schedule! We all usually start our days with turning on a morning news program, which has ONE goal…make it BIG, make it BREAKING and make it BAD!!! How can we all expect to be happy when we start our day with all that is BAD? I’m breaking a habit of many, many years and NOT start my day with BAD. Instead, choose meditation, exercise, walk or even a LAUGH. With video recording, YouTube and streaming…we can find something to make us laugh, first thing in the morning. I usually try some clips of my comedy heroes, The Three Stooges – for me, a guaranteed belly laugh session.
New Year’s Day is just another day on the calendar, but it is a landmark or milestone to start fresh, with new ideas and new creativity, to do something to make our world just a bit better, this year, this day and this moment.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2016!

Peace & Love,



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