2016 – Growth, Mortality and the Jetsons?

david on stageAnother year comes to a close as we reflect on what happened during 2016.  Many of us of the Baby Boomer Generation began facing some realization of our mortality as we saw the heroes of our lives passing away in record numbers; from David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Muhammad Ali and Prince, to the Brady Bunch mom, Florence Henderson. (If you feel like going through the list, click here)

The realization that we would live forever and fly around in our cars and Jetson jet packs is pretty much not going to happen, is a cold slap in the face.  We at least know now to tell our children to appreciate all the moments of youth because things won’t last forever; but we also know that’s just the way youth thinks.  In our 20’s and 30’s, it’s all about what’s next, facing the unknown and “hey, we’ll get around to it…someday, but for now….no worries!”  It’s not all gloom and doom as we age.  Most people who reach the age of 50 and over, don’t want to go back through all the growing pains again… although we wouldn’t mind having the 20 year old body for sure.

To us Boomers, the year 2000 seemed like it would be so much more futuristic, and now that we are nearing the end of the first two decades of the new century, we are really starting to see some very futuristic things happening.  Driverless cars are actually being used, auto-braking and auto-parking cars, new discoveries in medical research with new methods of using our immune system to fight off cancers,  stem cell research and 3D printing closing in on printing replacement parts for our bodies are being developed. If Boomers can just hold on for another decade or two, we just may be able to stay around quite a bit longer, and in relatively decent physical condition.

So, to reflect on 2016, it was quite a year for DMH, with student and teacher growth taking us to new levels.  We changed to a new scheduling system that provides students and parents with their own profile sites that show upcoming lessons and promotes better communication between teachers and students.  We have also added another lesson room to accommodate growth for 2017 and have plans to continue expansion in the future.

We will be bringing some amazing new ideas and processes, coming soon in 2017, so keep reading the newsletters for all the latest updates!

Most importantly, all of us at DMH never stop appreciating all the love and support we receive from the community and our student families.  We are incredibly blessed by each of you.

All of us at DMH wish everyone the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year.

Love and Peace,

David & Anita

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