2014….WOW…. I can remember when I was in my 20’s, thinking, “I’ll be 48 years old in the year 2000”. It seemed like everything would be Jetsonian. We’d all be driving cars that hover!┬áThese are amazing times. True, we’re not getting around in flying cars, but we can own a car that can parallel park itself and we carry instant connectivity to everyone on the planet in the palm of our hands! Ah…pretty amazing, I must say.

So, what’s in store for DMH? There are some new ideas and concepts for 2014 for ‘da House. Some of them we have already introduced, such as Music Therapy and Life Benefit Through Music Sessions, our MUSIC PLUS PROGRAM which will get into full swing sometime in the first quarter of 2014. The first part of MUSIC PLUS is our Music Therapy Program which is currently underway. We will also be making some physical improvements in things such as making our lesson rooms more soundproof and adding an additional lesson room.

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We continue to see increasing student growth and we continue adding more resources and exceptional DMH APPROVED MUSIC MENTORS to keep up with the growth demands. We will soon be a staff of 10 teachers! Our new SPRING GROUP CLASSES offer some affordable NEW learning experiences such as Mandolin, Songwriting and Music Theory.

Look for some exciting concert events in 2014 on our website Calendar as I continue driving my mission of bringing Professional Touring Performances and DMH Students together. I continue to stress how important it is for learning students to see, hear and meet musicians who are out there, doing this thing called MUSIC and making a living doing what they love and bring #THEPOWEROFMUSIC to everyone in the world. (A pretty awesome thing to do as a living!)

That is WHAT WE DO like no other place of music education. We make sure students learn WHY they are taking lessons, WHY they are practicing, choosing the instrument they love best, play best and we make sure they WANT TO CONTINUE LEARNING. It’s not all just about taking lessons. It’s about listening, playing with other musicians, thinking about ALL the other musicians and parts of the music, being inspired and inspiring others. You can feel this Love of Music when you walk into David’s Music House.

You will always find a NEW Total Music Experience at David’s Music House because it’s not about what we do…..it’s about WHY WE DO IT!

So get ready, get fired up and get TOTALLY EXPERIENCED!

Have a most wonderful, peaceful and prosperous 2014!!!

As always – Thank You for your support of David’s Music House.


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