“11 INCREDIBLE YEARS 10.10.10 – 10.10.21”

“Somebody’s Praying”

“11 INCREDIBLE YEARS 10.10.10 – 10.10.21”

There’s just no other way to explain how the countless blessings of my life occurred.  I firmly believe that nothing happens by chance. Yes, we make choices but when we make the “right” choice, then we travel the journey we were created to follow, led by GOD. I have never been surer of anything in my life than the fact that GOD created me for a purpose and has kept me on that path all my life. It never revealed itself to me suddenly, but rather, slowly over nearly 7 decades.

We began during our nation’s second worst financial depression and continued all the way through a Global Pandemic, and I have held onto the “knowing” that this was what I was meant to do. It has always been a journey of purpose and somehow, I knew the financial resources would continue coming because of that purpose and mission. Music is a means to an end or purpose of doing all we can to inspire students of all ages to be in an environment of kindness, giving, helping, building confidence and carrying those values all their lives. David’s Music House exists for these reasons, and just one student at a time, we see them walk out our door a better person! 

It is so unbelievable how blessed we have been for 11 years! David’s Music House started as a dream in my mind that developed between 2008 – 2010. While I left a corporate job of over 20 years and wondered what was next in my life, I began to slowly follow something that was leading me, one step at a time toward somewhere I didn’t really know. My first step was taking a course at community college “How to start a small business” and then one thing led to another. By the Spring of 2010, I began searching for a location and resources to begin the creation of David’s Music House.  It has been a glorious and difficult path ever since! The difficulty was mostly during the first 3 years, but I knew the dream was worth it and I was committed to see it through. This is something I had never done before in my life…not stop! This seemed different in that I KNEW it was right, purposeful and what I was meant to do.

Thank you everyone for supporting us and all that we do over these “11” years. We’ve only just begun!

Peace and Love,