10-10-10 Event Details

We have finalized all the performers and prizes for the Grand Opening Event! This should be a great day and a great way to announce to the community the value of what David’s Music House brings to the area lovers of music and the arts. Our Mission is provide a cycle of inspiration that allows music students to be in an environment of “A Total Music Experience”.

The performers will begin at 11 AM and alternate on two stages, one in the Waterdam Plaza parking lot under a tent and the other in the coffee house, until 6 PM.

There will be a raffle where tickets will cost $5 and proceeds will be given to the Alzheimer’s Association.

In memory of our mother, Hannah Lindberg, who passed away this past January 2010, we are donating proceeds and accepting donations at the grand opening to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Alzheimer’s disease is the “Silent Epidemic” of our times. Because most people think of Alzheimer’s disease as something that only the elderly get, it is usually not considered very seriously, until a family becomes affected by a family member becoming a victim. As Baby Boomers approach the age of maturity, this largest segment of the population will cause the numbers of Alzheimer’s victims to increase in amounts never seen by other diseases. This also presents the fact that more and more younger people will become Alzheimer’s victims.

What is needed is to raise the public awareness of “what is coming”! We need to make the government pay much more attention in funding Alzheimer’s research to search for cures and better treatments and sooner than later is the KEY. Alzheimer’s disease often takes years to become obvious as it seems to be subtle memory loss at first, or just confusion. Before long, the damage has been done, which thus far, can not be reversed.

Today, as we are all affected by so many different terrible diseases, it is important to remember that due to all the fund raising and attention of many of these other diseases, although devastating, treatments can result in cures.  Alzheimer’s disease has no cure and there is NO positive outlook. It eventually leads to total memory loss, loss of ones’ self respect, total dependence on 24 hour care and eventually death.

We need to get better at raising public awareness of this epidemic before it is full upon us. The burden on our families and the country’s economy will be larger than we can imagine.

So Join Us on 10-10-10, for some great music, great tasting home made pastries by “Cookies by Rachel”, win some amazing prizes and all for a very worthy cause!

It’s all a good day to make you feel better all around!

See you there!

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