10.10.10 – 10.10.18 = 8 YEARS FOR DMH!



This month, on October 10th, we will hit our 8th Anniversary of David’s Music House. WOW…It’s so incredibly hard to believe we have come this far. I always knew in my heart that this business would succeed but to see it actually happen and enter into beginning our 9th year of business is beyond words to describe! I have said the story before but I planned and researched for 2 years about how to start my own business, beginning with taking a course at Allegheny Community College – How to Start a Business. I had left a 20+ year job just before our country’s biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. I kept talking to people, banks, researching the Internet and in the Spring of 2010, I started finding the connections to put the plan into action. This was my first attempt at anything like this and all new ground to me…someone who never had been a risk taker for 40 years. Suddenly forces seemed to keep laying down steps for me to follow. Before I knew it, I had miraculously found a perfect space to rent in Waterdam Plaza, very close to where I lived.

I had to pick a target date for all construction and approvals to be completed for a grand opening. I wanted to do a large grand opening and make use of the parking lot to have bands perform during the day. This required getting township permits and additional insurances and I was limited to only day to use the plaza parking lot, Sunday. Everyone knows that Sundays in the Pittsburgh area, in the fall is Steeler day, which would prevent many people from coming to the grand opening. By chance there was ONE Sunday that the Steelers did not play and it was October 10, 2010. The date popped right out to me as some sort of sign…10.10.10. There were just too many perfect things coming together for this all to have been just luck or a fluke. I have come to know that my life has had many similar perfect miracles to just be random. I knew this was all blessings from GOD and the reasons why I always knew everything would be successful.


It was a picture perfect weather day. I had arranged to find multiple local bands and musicians to perform both inside DMH and in the parking lot, under a huge tent on a large stage we had set up.  The day worked out more perfectly than I could have ever imagined with the day full of people coming to check what was going on. We raffled off an iPad and collected donations to support Alzheimer’s research. The musicians were amazing, performing all throughout the day.

David’s Music House has been steadily growing every month since that opening day. It was slow growth and the first 3 years were very hard to keep it all going, but amazing miracles kept happening all along the way.

We continue to look for new and better ways to insure DMH students are getting a Total Music Experience. 2018 has been all about bringing Performance into focus. Being the only music school in the surrounding area with a large performance stage in a coffee house setting, offers students constant access to learning all about performing. We began our Student Open Stages to provide frequent availability to perform what they are learning in an informal and “living room” atmosphere.

There are literally sooooo many people who have helped along the way and I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t say how incredibly blessed and proud I am of the amazing staff of our Music Mentors (teachers) and of course we are immensely grateful to all our parents and community supporters who keep referring DMH to area schools.

Sending out HUGE Thanks and Peace and Love…

Year 9…here we come…



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